Street hardware revisited.

We’re side-stepping our remit a little here: tall, wooden, sticky-uppy, got wires coming out the top.  But here is a subject we’ve touched on before and seems to fascinate our listeners.  You will in no way remember these articles from 2012 on GPO Street furniture and More street furniture.

Well, Chris Payne, was digging around the internet, as you do, after he found this street marker set into a wall in Tring.  He found our pages, but also this one from the Secret Scotland blog. Now, he says this G.R. marker is on the B4635 roughly where the Western Road changes to Western Road.  But then Western road is already called Western road and I wonder did he mean to say it changes to something else.  But I’m too polite to write back and ask him and I certainly hate to correct someone.  It’s this anxiousness to please, to not offend, to be all things to all people that means I drink a bottle and a half of Gaviscon a day.  Anyway, so it’s on the B4635 in Tring.  And it’s got G.R. on it and I’d like one in my garden.  Thank you Chris.


An iron street marker post