Society Annual Outing

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Expedition 2011 – Tiree, The Hebrides, Scotia

Distribution poles on Tiree A week last saturday morning, the entire administration staff of the Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society boarded the society Smart CarTM and set course for the north.  Destination, first Oban, then the good ship M.V. Clansman for a 4 hour bucking and swaying across to the isle of Tiree.  Yes, we cleverly timed our jaunt to coincide with the fag-end of hurricane Katia thrashing its way up the west side of Britain.

Oh how we chuckled at the dictionary entry for Tiree which lists it as the sunniest place in the UK as we huddled by the wet sticks in the fireplace with the cottage roof rattling above our heads and the angry sea foam splashing against the windows.
Tiree's tiredest looking telegraph pole
But we did find the odd gap in the tempest to enjoy this delightful island.    Herewith a list of adjectives and descriptions for you to conjure with :  flat, peaceful, windy, sandy beaches, blue, interesting houses, lapwings, kite-surfers, fantastic views, seals, dramatic, peaceful – oh did I already say peaceful? 

Anyway, every holiday is a busman’s and a bit of telegraph pole spotting always on the cards.  The flat vistas, particularly the central part of the island they call “the Reef” allows photos like that on the left; distribution poles disappearing off into perspective infinity (almost).  It was this kind of scene that first attracted me to the aesthetics of poles in my weird boyhood.

The other picture, taken through globs of rain on the lens shows Tiree’s tiredest telegraph pole which clearly isn’t long for this world.  Closer examination revealed its “do not resuscitate” notice.  We spoke in hushed tones in its presence.