Sir Benjamin Spoon BEM

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Founder, Sir Benjamin Spoon BEMSir Benjamin Spoon BEM – Founder

Born on board a steamship during a perilous crossing of the River Gwenfro in 1802, Benjamin Spoon, found notoriety fairly late in life.

Until his “Grand Idea” of putting cheese together with onion in the form of a thin slice of fried potato, he had struggled to make ends meet as a small time inventor. This “Eureka” moment took place just after his carriage shed a wheel after hitting a lucozade bottle on the modern day B5105 near what is today called Llanfihangel. That was in 1863.

His invention, which later went on to become crisps and then Monster Munch, propelled Benjamin first to fame and then to honours; with Queen Victoria bestowing his BEM in 1864 and the Sir bit the year after.

Sadly, Sir Benjamin Spoon BEM died penniless in 1870 after losing his fortune to a football pools betting scam. He is buried in Cerrigydrudion churchyard. But recently arose from the dead briefly to be guest of honour at a football game at Wrexham.