Lots of, well 4 actually,  lovely telegraph pole things for you to buy to keep the wolf from our door.

The fabled lost pole of bala leisure centre
Fabled Lost Pole poster

Art Deco poster celebrating “The Fabled Lost Pole of Bala Leisure Centre”.  Nobody else has got one of these*1  Ours looks spectacular, farmed, on the TPAS HQ wall.  These come in A2 size, unframed, satin finish and posted in a … Read More

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Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society membership certificate
Life Membership

Tell the world you appreciate telegraph poles and all the things that hang from them, stand on them, nest in them, gaze up at them, by becoming a member of The Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society. And what’s more, there is … Read More

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Telegraph Pole Appreciation for Beginners
Telegraph Pole Appreciation for Beginners

This is the book you’ve all been waiting for. And probably your entire lives if only you knew it.  Prize-winning*1 author Martin Evans has put together 150 pages of the finest, most colourful, most distalgesic telegraphic information and other stuff … Read More

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telegraph pole appreciation society mug
Telegraph Pole Appreciator’s Mug

Granted it may not still be Christmas by the time you’re looking at this. But getting all the photography stuff out again to take a spring or summer-themed photograph is asking a bit much. Especially when me and Mrs Telegraph Pole fell … Read More

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