R.S.P.C.T.P. (Nottingham branch)

Not for nothing is Nottinghamshire lady, Claire Pendrous, an Honorary member of our esteemed and august society.  For Claire is a telegraph pole rescue lady.  Telegraph poles don't get left in a box on her doorstep very often with a note saying "please look after me".  No, Claire is more pro-active than that.  She trawls the local undergrowth and pole contractors yards for various parts, then puts them together into meaningful objets d'art for her garden.  In her words...

The poles don't stop in the yard for very long though, as a Derbyshire company collects them for mulching into bio-fuel! I hadn't visited this yard for a few months, so lord knows what has gone through the place? Many of the dumped poles have come from rural locations; the last great bastion of the old GPO system. From what I could see, the majority were from the early to mid 1950s, although an example from the late 1940s was seen amongst the pile.
I was after a pole-top twin saddle bracket, and came away with a twin and a single variant, as well as a cottage-roof style steel pole-top cover. The pole top cover and the twin saddle bracket will be affixed to my 3 x cross-arm pole top display. Not enough to excite the average person in the street, I know, but it floats my boat. 🙂

Anyway, here are is a selection of photos that Claire sent us recently.  These include :  One of her finialed highly screw-topped garden creations, a sillhoutted pigeon atop a pole at Aston on Trent, and numerous of her collectings from the undergrowth.