Purveyors of Telegraph Pole Erection since 2001

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Cumberland Comms Ltd have written to me with the most concise message yet received (that does not have swearing in it).

We put poles in the ground

There wasn’t a full stop at the end either. So maybe they intended to tell me much more about themselves and were cut short.  Perhaps by the telephone ringing with an order for a telegraph pole or maybe someone disturbed their train of thought with a mug of tea. Or could it be that they just don’t see the point or significance of full-stops.

Cumberland Comms LtdIf the latter, then they need to consider the distress they put pedants like me through. For starters, I never paused for breath until I got to the end of their email, including all the footers and everything.  And then I had to go on and on to my poor wife about the standards of punctuation and what do they teach them in schools these days.

Anyway, upon research, it transpires that Cumberland Comms Ltd do indeed put poles in the ground. And they’ll do so for you too – at the right price of course – just like they have been doing since they started in 2001.

With the word “Cumberland” in their name though, I expect they prefer to erect them up there – in a county which hasn’t existed as an administrative entity since 1974.  Ooh, it’s a complicated world!