Polestar Roundabout, Letterkenny

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Public art, polestar roundabout, Letterkenny, Eire

The entire administration department of the Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society recently undertook a sojourn to the Peoples’ Republic of Ireland. 

Our mission was primarily one of pantomime observance, but we never miss an opportunity to gaze in wonder at Johnny Foreigner’s public infrastructure.  And there were many telegraphpolic marvels to behold I can (and will) tell you.  Not least this amazing structure, made entirely out of telegraph poles spotted on  a roundabout in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.


Pleasing to the eye it might be, but as a children’s fairground ride it fails miserably – the little mites just get splinters all over their backsides, and however much you push it, the damn thing just refuses to spin.


Clearly some thinking through required next time.