Pole of the Month – March 2016

Professor of Telegraphpoleology, Jake Rideout, has been out with his camera around his home town of Frome.  As well as being one of the UK’s foremost telegraph pole academics, he has an awe-inspiring collection of insulators and is every bit the ceramic addict.  He tells us:

This pole is unusual in construction as it is a double pole and carries six 33,000v lines which split apart into two separate pole routes about a mile up the line. The first image shows the pole in all its glory, the second a close up of the top section. I am unsure what the mesh is for between the two poles.

As well as terminating six high voltage lines, the pole also contains a total of 48 insulators, including the common porcelain discs, lightning arrestors, strain insulators on the stays and lead-in insulators, in both polymeric rubber and brown porcelain.

It is also interesting to note that each of the three large brown lead-in insulators on the right hand side of the pole are all supported by four smaller insulators. I own one of these smaller insulators which was retrieved from a substation near Gloucester by another insulator-fanatic. I have shown this in the third image. It measures 3.5″ tall and 5.25″ wide and is quite heavy, probably because of the two metal caps cemented onto each end. It was made by the London based company Bullers Ltd some time in the ’60s.

There are several poles similar to this one located in Frome, which all terminate at the substation near to this one. This one is located some distance from the same substation but I expect it is still linked to it somehow.

A wonderful pole Jake, excellent info and a worthy P.O.T.M.  Though strictly speaking it’s Pole of the Whenever we remember to do one.  But that would be P.O.T.W.W.R.T.D.O.

Pole of the month - carries 33,000 volts across somerset

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