Pole of the Month – June 2019

This pole first hit the national consciousness in 2011 when the supreme voting committee of The Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society selected it as Pole of the Month for April of that year. Fast forward eight years - beyond the street parties and media attention that went with this fabulous accolade - to this most moist of mediocre summers. Despite it's large red D plaque and a BT recovery notice, this 1932, 28ft GPO giant stands defiant, resplendent with five crossarms and a mishmash of insulators all the time carrying absolutely no wires whatsoever. Serenely and elegantly it keeps watch over the village of Pwllglas and the A494 which whizzes along beneath its sentinel gaze.

Meine Damen und Herren, I give you Pole of the Month, June 2019...

Closeup of the arms and insulators on a 1932 5 armed telegraph pole near Ruthin, North Wales.