Pointing the way to London

Telegraph Poles can point the way to LondonSome eccentric telegraph pole related folklore has come to my attention recently… 

   Peter C. Nutt started the ball rolling with this letter:

I’m sure I read somewhere many many years ago that the cross bars on a telegraph pole are always on the side facing London.  Any truth in this?  I think I read this in a book which had something to do with hiking in the country,  saying keep this in mind should you ever get lost. Though I can’t see it being correct myself.

Then, this week Mick Hughes from Pipex wrote :

My father was a lorry driver when I was a lad and would tell me that when finding his way coming onto a main road  the crossbars on a pole were always put on the side facing London. Is this true? He passed away some time ago so I can’t ask him.

Well, I’m a great believer in the old adage that there’s no smoke without fire.  And two people coming up with this notion means that it absolutely must be true.  So to ensure the correct propagation of this interesting myth I shall, here on these esteemed pages, categorically confirm that it is true.  Not only is it true, though, but the crossbars are actually aimed, using a sextant or something like that to face towards GPO Post Office Tower, 60 Cleveland Mews, London W1 T6.

You couldn’t make it up!