On Her Majesty’s Service

We have no idea where he’s been.  Presumably On Her Majesty’s Service somewhere, or at her pleasure maybe.  He is the man with no name – he who moves within the shadows – our very own top secret Honorary Technical Advisor.  All we know is that he’s Keith, and he’s back. 

My wife was beside herself with joy when the telegram arrived late last night.  The bespectacled post office telegram boy was rather startled at her reaction and seems to have forgottten his hat!

Telegram from Keith S**** Honorary Technical Advisor to this Society

Anyway, now that we are back at full sagacious strength here at the Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society, it’s time to post up a few of the questions from a curious public that have landed on my desk in the last few weeks.

 Q1. From Pete Goodes…

Spacing Distance along Main line  During  1950`s
Can anybody advise me on the above.
Thank you.

Q2.  From Hugh Burrows…

Does anyone happen to know if the National Telephone Company used step or foot irons on their wooden poles, and if so, what form did they take? I am investigating the history of Kendal’s Telephone Network pre automation, and have found something interesting in a building which I understand was the site of the first Telephone Exchange, Office and Store back in 1895.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Q3.  From Asela Premachandra…

I have a Rediffusion Telegraph pole in my back garden which has blown down in the recent high winds. I have tried to find out who is responsible for the pole now that Rediffusion has gone out of business but am failing miserably. Can you point me in the right direction? Any help gratefully received.

If you can offer any help, information, or answers to any of the above, then do please send us an email to martin@telegraphpoleappreciationsociety.org

Thank you.