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The poet laureate of Lacoste, Finn Mac Eoin, has been in touch again. Firstly with another rather champion, laureate-worthy poem about telegraph poles and then a story about the picture you see below. Go on, you tell them Finn…

I was not aware that my affection for pole spotting had always existed, not until discovering that a Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society actually existed. Thank you for bring it to my attention, ( I thought I had latent polarity syndrome )

Poles Apart.

In the forest they grew up
together side by side,
branches touching, all
resisting the Atlantic winds.

But now, they don’t even
want to know each other,
totally individual and the
way they are cropped;

No foliage, not even a
limb for a bird to perch
on, anaemic looking, as
if they were anorexic.

It’s all about the look, bare
legs and those porcelain
earrings that look hideous,
homogenous, no character.

In my day we all knew each
other, helped our neighbors.
Now, they’re too weak to stand,
but for the wires! We’re poles apart.

Some twenty or more years ago after I had purchased this print in Akaroa, South Is. New Zealand I had occasion to go to Auckland where the subject resides. I made a special detour to go and see if the painter poetically licensed the Pole in order to accommodate the Bushell’s Fresco, or did it grow like this naturally?

To my delight, I discovered that the Pole is as is and had not been tampered with on the easel by a Churchill’s Hiccup brush stroke.



A print of an old new zealand corner store from a painting by Bill MacCormick

And so we don’t get into trouble for including the image, <here is a link> so that you can buy a copy of this fine print, off the website we nicked the picture from.