These insulators free to a good home

We received a very kind offer today, from Nyree Phillips.  Her father, who passed away recently collected a lot of interesting things, including the six ceramic insulators you see here.  Sure that her father would be happy for them to go to a good home she offered them to us.  As I explained to Nyree, whilst not specific about which parts of me she would remove with the scissors, my wife heartily recommends that I don’t bring home any more bits of old telegraph poles just yet.  And not being able to think of any parts that wouldn’t hurt if removed with scissors, I thought it better to pass the offer on to our telegraphic readership.

So, if you can collect from Aylesbury, Bucks then all the better (and free-er) otherwise you would just need to provide an address and compensation for the postage which would be the order of a few pounds only for the chance to complete your telegraph pole cross-arms restoration project.  Besides, mine are finished.  Drop us a line if you are interested and willing to collect/pay postage and we will put you in touch with Nyree.

Thank you Nyree for thinking of us.