Dangerous territory

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We’re really playing with fire by posting these pictures on here and we could find ourselves embroiled in a turf war with the Pylon Appreciation Society over this.   But Dave Bennett (#666) wrote in to say he’s been having sleepless nights since spotting these near Steyning, Sussex.  “Are they acceptable as poles or are they pylons masquerading as poles?” he asks.  He’s not the only one who has been troubled by these pole/pylon hybrids.  And now that I’ve seen these pictures, I’m afraid I can’t “un-see” them.  Click on each image to enlarge, if you dare.

telegraph pole / pylon hybrids in a field in Sussex A pari of pole/pylon hybrids in a field of barley A steel pylon/pole in sussex Close up of the top of a small pylon in Sussex