World’s Shortest Telegraph Pole

A very short telegraph pole near Llanfair Caereinion The World's Shortest Telegraph Pole near Llanfair Caereinion B eing a life-long anoraksic I was out indulging one of my other jotter-pad, biro, OS map, compass, GPS hobbies – geographing – recently, when I came across a pair of vertically challenged telegraph poles near Cyfronydd in Powys  They just have to be the world’s smallest.  They were separated by just a few feet and carrying a cable between them; but that was it.  They weren’t raising the wires over a road or across a stream or anything.  The cables just come up from the ground, went through the air for 10 ft or so via these two mini poles and back into the ground again. 

The mind truly boggles… And all just a stone’s throw from my house which is on top of the hill behind the pole in the picture on the right.

Meanwhile, please accept my apologies for the dearth of posts about all things telegraphic recently.  Excuses being, erm, our cat had a dicky stomach, I’ve been busy, er… thin on the ground!  I just don’t know where the time went.

Mr Cummins, I’m coming to your stuff soon, I promise.

Telegraph Pole of the Month – Feb 2012

The Last of the B5105 poles…

This pole is my pole of the month for 3 reasons.

1. It’s the last in a line of ye olde GPO poles running up from Ruthin towards Cerrigydrudion.

2.  It’s only really visible in winter when all but the ivy remains in leaf. And it’s on a fast bend too, so nobody (but me) ever notices it.

3.  Having moved to mid Wales, I no longer traverse the B5105 and so have to say goodbye to this relic of a bygone age of telecommunications. (It’s sister pole is in my garage by the way)


Telegraph Pole of the Month - February 2012

Telegraph Pole of the Month – Dec 2011

F urther thanks to Ian Jolly for December’s (and probably January too) pole of the month. This is another from Ian’s photographic archives of telegraphic eccentricities.

This 23 armed beauty was at the rear of the former Post Office in Tarvin, near Chester. 23 Arms plus a ‘ring type’ DP beneath it.

The more distant photo below shows it to tower above the nearby houses.

All submissions for P.O.T.M. to are greatly appreciated.

23 ringed telegraph pole at Tarvin, near Chester A tall telegraph pole at Tarvin, near Chester

Telegraph Pole of the Month – Nov 2011

V ery many thanks to Ian Jolly for this month’s telegraph pole of the month.  You might wonder what’s so special about this one until you look a little closer.  This was taken a few years ago in the Main Street, Combe Martin, Devon – before digital camera and so is a scan of the original photo. You will notice that the pole goes through the house roof and  It begs the question – which came first?

Ian has sent us a load of photographs and telegraphic titbits recently – which we’ll be dripping on to the site in due course.  Watch this space.

Telegraph Pole of the Month, November 2011

Telegraph Pole of the Month – Oct 2011

Ho Chi Minh

This month’s photograph of a fabulously busy pole was submitted by Maynard Floyd, who we suspect is a lover of winegums.

A group of five of us were travelling through Vietnam on Mopeds on a lads holiday and this telegraph pole was outside our hotel in central Ho Chi Minh and it caught my eye – it is just so frantic! Imagine what happens if one line goes down! how would you trace the problem??

Telegraph Pole of the Month - October 2011

Please send your submissions for possible pole of the month to :  Ta!

Telegraph Pole of the Month - October 2011

Telegraph Pole of the Month – Sep 2011

Co. Mayo, Eire

Telegraph Pole of the Month - September 2011
Thanks to our Ireland correspondent(s), Tom & Aideen for this month’s (and probably next month’s) pole of the month.  Apparently, they found this on their grand tour of Ireland a few weeks back.  They were looking for an antiquarian bookshop at the time and in the sound between Achill Island and Achillbeg Island, Co. Mayo, found this amphibian distribution pole.  A fine candidate for P.O.T.M. if ever there was.

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Telegraph Pole of the Month – Jul 2011

The Fabled Pole perhaps?

Could this be the fabled lost telegraph pole of Bala Leisure Centre?

The brown sign in the background tells us it’s near Bala Leisure Centre, exactly as per the legend.  It’s got 5 arms, it’s got a shed load of different insulators, including a few badly shot up. And I nearly got killed by a truck as I was trying to photograph it.  It’s the only one of its kind along this stretch of the A494.

Telegraph Pole of the Month – Jun 2011

Telegraph Pole of the Month - June 2011

There is a pole in there somewhere – and it’s arguably the busiest telegraph pole on earth.  This photo came to me from a friend via their friend in turn via their friend.  So I have no idea who to credit for the photo and indeed whether I’m allowed to use it or not.  Ho Hum!  Anyway, it’s in India somewhere.  And apparently heavily dressed poles like this are not uncommon over there.
By the way,  for those of you wondering what happened to May’s P.O.T.M.  I have this to say:  oops! 

Telegraph Pole of the Month – April 2011

Telegraph Pole of the Month, April 2011  The Top of April's pole of the month. The bottom end of April's pole of the month

What’s so special about this pole? you might say.  And a photo taken amid leafless trees on a dull grey  day. But they don’t have to be spectacular to feature in my pole-of-the-month spot.  They just need to catch my eye.  For starters, this one, at Pwllglas near Ruthin,  is an orphan – there are no longer any telephone wires attached to it. 


The business end of it, as well as having 5 cross-arms, some double-sided –  has an eclectic mix of ceramic insulators.  There are “pot-heads”, “double grooves” and in varying shades and of various antiquity.  And then there’s a couple of extra potheads on a mini-arm at the top. Clearly this pole has been busy at one time.

And then look at the bottom. If they were ever to remove this pole (heaven forfend) then it would leave a perplexing gap in the wall.

Telegraph Pole of the Month – March 2011

Telegraph Pole of the Month, March 2011

Telecom Eireann engineers have come up with a novel way of getting around the budget cuts within the Irish GPO – simply don’t bother with the lower half of their telegraph poles.  No hole to dig, only half the wood used and technically no need to pay the wayleave ground rent either.

This photo taken along the R181 somewhere near Castleblayney in central Ireland.  Part of me says I should have saved this photo for April.

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