Pointy Poles in Porthmadog

A rubber stamp used for levels of appreciation of telegraph polesOoh!  Bit of a dilemma here.  You see, our TPAS motto is "If it's tall, wooden, sticky-uppy and got wires all coming out the top then it gets appreciated".  But then have a look at these fine finialed METAL beauties spotted recently in Porthmadog.  As you can see from my appreciation stamp I just had to tick the two boxes.  A sort of Schrödinger's appreciation - a superposition of appreciation and non-appreciation.

The final photo in the set - a close up of the background shows Cnicht, aka The Welsh Matterhorn.  A gorgeous climb where you can stand at the top with a magnificent view and look over and laugh at the queues for the trig-point on neighbouring Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa to us).

Metal poles in Somerset

Look, I know our esprit de corps is “tall, wooden, sticky-uppy and with wires out the top”, but sometimes, metal just floats that boat, ticks that box, flickers that flame.

Old friend and honorary memberof these sage pages, John Brunsden (#0469H), sent us these pics of this finialed metal job on the corner of Wood Street & Greenbrook Terrace, Taunton, Zummerzet.  He suggests we Google* street map it and pretend we are there.  Have done already John.  Many thanks.

A metal power pole in Somerset A metal power pole in Somerset A metal power pole in Somerset A metal power pole in Somerset

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