Oban wan Kenobi*

If we had an annual awards ceremony (we don’t) and were to dish out prizes (we don’t) for telegraphic excellence then this wonderful example of post-retirement appropriation would undoubtedly win our prestigious Golden Pole Award (it didn’t, there’s no such thing).

Kenny McLennan, presumably from Oban, noticed contractors replacing his local (GPO 1940) DP1 and so he retrieved it (read purloined) and modified it as bird feeder for his rockery.  This is just fantastic Kenny.  We at TPAS HQ are inspired.  And the Tom Tits of Oban won’t know they’re born. Mind you that little scamp of a white doggie on the right there looks like he’s just left you something in your plant pot.

*Oban wan Kenobi.  I really thought that by the time I clicked the Publish button on this I would have come up with a witty headline.  As you can see I failed.

A former telegraph pole now rerouted as a bird feeder.
This year I will be passing through Oban twice.  #1 mid April, via the ferry terminal and heading for Barra, then north to Stornoway for my 3 week long expedition checking out poles of the Outer Hebrides (watch this space)  then #2 the Glenforsa Fly-in on on Mull, 24th & 25th May.  Refuelling at Oban probably.  If we make it that far that is, in a 1962 vintage Rallye Cub.  I’m telling you all this to give you all time to organise street parties and bunting and stuff.

Raspberry Poles

I had just had a really bad day – First my pencil fell off my desk.  Then my wife accidentally put sugar in my tea and then I went and fed the cat twice because she lied to me that she hadn’t been fed.  But then this photo came in by email and I found I was moved to tears at the joy it brought back to me following such a traumatic and difficult day.

This is from Chris Jacquier over there in the internet.  He (could be she, apologies for the misplaced pronoun if this is the case) is clearly an inventive gardener with access to proper telegraph pole bits – as those look like real arms to me and proper insulator pins.   Chris’s introduction was rather enlightening…

Well, I suppose you chaps are harmless in your pursuit of telegraph poles but I do hope that the attached photograph of my back garden fruit patch does not completely unhinge any of you.

Whilst I could not persuade the Domestic Authorities to allow a couple of poles for transmitting power to our shed village at the far end of the Jacquier estate, she did capitulate and surrender to the suggestion of cut-down arms and pots for use as raspberry cane supports.

Victory, of a kind, but probably at the cost of starting an arms scandal.

Sorry. CJ

Don’t apologise Chris.  But whilst I am completely, overwhelmingly, meithering-my-wife-to-death sort of inspired by this, Mrs TPAS has yet to be convinced of its efficacy around her broad beans.  A project for the forthcoming growing season I think and a chance to get some of my not inconsiderable collection of insulators out into the elements once more.  Watch this space.raspberrysupports