Dear BBC

That’s it!  I’ll not be watching Gardener’s World from now on!  I didn’t watch it anyway, but it’s the principle…

Thanks to John Brunsden #0469H for spitting his tea out at the telly when he heard this.

Twittering Telegraph Poles

We’ve finally given in!  Kicking and screaming we have moved into the 21st Century and signed up for a Twitter account.  We have no idea what it is or how it works.  But there is a link on the side just there on the left.  And if you click it and do something else then apparently you can hear our every thought.  I’m not sure I like that, but it’s supposed to be progress, and I’m told I have to be in it.  So there.

Twitter at us here…



Accolades indeed…

There’s only thing WORSE than being talked about…. and that’s NOT being talked about.

Chatter on football forum, Red Passion

One’s vanity forces one to Google one’s self – approximately every 20 minutes.  The above chatter discovered on Football discussion forum, Red-Passion.

Best ‘non-pornographic’ website – what an accolade!

Shortlist Magazine’s Top 10

Glitzy Heights Indeed!Number 3 in shortlist magazine's top 10

In an award ceremony which took place during London’s morning rush-hour one day last July – a foreign student handed out a free copy of Shortlist Magazine to a colleague of mine. 

And so it came to pass that The Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society was listed 3rd in said magazine’s Top 10 list of things that have an appreciation society.

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