Website Upgrade

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v3Mrs TPAS has never seen me sweat quite like I did tonight – when I flicked the switch to delete the old website, install the new version, and the damn thing refused to work.  A quick pot of rhubarb yoghurt and a glass of Big Nev’s from the fridge and I soon got it together again though.  This is version 3 of whatever it is and promises to be a bit more hacker-proof than the old, almost identical website.   Those pesky jihadist hackers !

Not everything is working quite right just yet.  But a bit more of that fruity hop flavour and refreshing dry finish and we’ll soon be ship-shape once more.

Hack Attack

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The Welsh Space AgencyYou may have been wondering*1 what ever has happened to some of our other websites – those found under our “Further Whimsy” link below left. And why have they disappeared?

The sad truth is that they all got hacked, and defaced recently by some middle-eastern Jihad organisation.  Why they felt that World of Pallets, or the Welsh Space Agency website such a severe threat requiring annihilation is anyone’s guess.

The truth is that year’s of whimsical work has been undone and will take many painstaking hours to replace.  Alas they were constructed using an unsafe version of web technology that will require serious updating to keep the hackers out in future.

Rest assured though that the sites will come back online as soon as possible.  Just in time for nobody to read them anyway.


*1 You might not have been.


Deal, Telegraph Pole town

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Water Street, Deal, KentTimeball Tower, Deal, KentMartin Tapsell sent us this photograph of a favoured telephone pole in a quiet corner of Water Street in Deal, Kent.  Whilst not bristling with ceramics, like many favourite poles, these Maypole-esque highly strung affairs are always a handsome find in suburbia.  And they are usually popular among the dove and pigeon fraternity too (for some reason).

Deal, of course, is famous for its Timeball tower and is hence synonymous with telegraph poles and the transmission of the Greenwich Time Signal – mostly to passing ships (and Radio 4).  The naval yard at Deal was once at the end of a long chain of telegraph stations stretching all the way from the Admiralty in London.  To celebrate this history, Deal has a street called Telegraph Road.  Perhaps we should think about moving there.

Like Martin tells us in his email, everywhere now, Telecom engineers seem to be busy burying wires, cables and fibre-optics.  So take the chance now to get out there and photograph these poles while they’re still part of our urban street furniture.

Timeball photo courtesy of Dave Patten 

A World without Telegraph Poles

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Before you think they’re just dull sticks with wires, take a look at Cerrigydrudion High Street below. For the second picture we popped over to a parallel universe where electricity hasn’t been invented.

Cerrigydrudion High Street WITH telegraph poles




Picture 1 :


Our Universe, where telegraph poles flourish in total biodiversity. (N.B. In this universe Wrexham are an under-performing non-league, football team)







Parallel universe without the street furniture.



Picture 2:

Cerrigydrudion in a parallel universe
(N.B. Wrexham 4 times Champions of Europe)



Apart from the football differences, I prefer our universe version of Cerrigyrdudion with all its aerial clutter. I forgot to say, a pint of Timothy Taylors is 1,550 Euros in the parallel White Lion.