Catastrophe on the A382



Good friend, honourary member of this society (#0466) and professional Telegraphpoleologist, Andrew Rowsell sent us this picture with the recommendation that we should “have a butchers at it”.  The pole, he tells us, was originally hit by a vehicle with the 20pr cable being all that is keeping the remains in the air.  Apart from the police advertising their tardy arrival to this Dartmoor based incident, we also can’t help but wonder what the hell is a Stannary town?  Anyway, this photo puts me in mind of one I saw in the middle of Ireland a couple of years ago.

With apologies to Andrew for the slow inclusion of his picture on the website, and apologies too to everyone else who has written in the last six months or so.  I will get around to them all sooner or later I promise.  And I do have a list of excuses to hand, my main one being that my wife and I are living in a pile of rubble with only 3 exterior walls and half a roof.  “Renovation project” the estate agent called it stiflilng sniggers as he handed us the keys.