Arty poles revisited

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Many thanks to Sophie Jayne Howell for her recent email.  Well March it was actually, but geologically, that’s microseconds.  Anyway, Sophie said some lovely things about our website – that always keeps the delay in replying down to single years – but also that her darling father who once worked for British Telecom servicing the poles rambles fondly about creosote.  That’s nice.  Anyway, Sophie is clearly an appreciator of art as much as she is of, ahem, telegraph poles.  She sent us these three images which frankly, are all gorgeous.

#1 & #2 are Simpsons inspired artworks by Tim Doyle – part of his “Unreal Estate” series.  To quote Sophie here “…both of these have beautiful wiry sticky uppy-ey poles, covered in interesting looking squggly bits and big transmittery things. The poles loom in the twlight and just look lovely.”  The 3rd picture is Richard Rigg’s ‘I forgot what was said when we were outside, stood empty, now without those words I fell back’ Installed in Leeds Art Gallery in 2011, it is two lovely big telegraph poles. In an art gallery, Telegraph poles, Art – you can’t get better than that. 

Tim Doyle's Simpsons inspired artwork Night falls on the SNPP TimDoyle 2011Richard Rigg 2010