2012 Calendar

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The Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society 2012 calendar



W hat a beautiful item to adorn your office/kitchen/bedroom/toilet wall.  Yes, the wonderful Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society 2012 calendar is here.  And completely unlike other appreciation societies or calendar vendors we could name – ours is available for the very reasonable price of zero.  Yes, you can download ours completely for free.  Some self-assembly might be required.

Download it.  Print it out (the header sheet, page 1, onto card) and staple top to bottom.  Then tear your house apart looking for a hammer and a nail or some other means of appending the thing to your wall.  It’s so easy, even our cat could do it (if she ever got from in front of the fire).

My guess is that within 15 minutes of this calendar appearing online, society sage, Honorary Technical Advisor Keith S**** (HTA TPAS) will be standing back and admiring one on his living room wall – pride of place among his numerous awards for sage advice dispensation.

Get ’em while they’re hot.